Derek Ramsay Has Offers from ABS-CBN to Renew his Contract

Amid talks of his supposed transfer to another TV network, Derek Ramsay admitted that ABS-CBN management has given him an offer to renew his contract.

The announcement came during the thanksgiving party for ‘Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang.’

Ramsay’s dad would like to see him doing things that are from his background like sports and ABS-CBN is being supportive of the sports that he does.

The actor is not going to rush this because it’s a big decision for him so he’s just waiting for that phone call from the network.

Ramsay has already record-breaking films like ‘No Other Woman,’ ‘Praybeyt Benjamin’ and ‘Corazon,’ and he can make demands concerning his projects as an actor.

But he maintains he’s never one to be demanding.

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