Sharon Cuneta Warns that She May Talk & Tell the Whole Story of Piolo Pascual & KC Concepcion?

Sharon Cuneta is planning a break from Twitter after having an outburst at the social networking site.

Cuneta made her last tweet on March 19 saying, it was her last ‘cry’ and she can regain her strength.

Earlier, the veteran actress posted a series of tweets lashing out at people who had attacked her and her daughter KC Concepcion on Twitter.

Cuneta really lost her temper when someone posted a photo of a woman alleged to be KC Concepcion in various sexual positions.

She hinted that those people were loyal fans of ABS-CBN and Piolo Pascual.

Pascual is the former boyfriend of KC Concepcion. The two broke-up because of Piolo’s other gender preference.

Cuneta hinted at a possible ‘tell-all story’ soon and if ‘bashers’ will not stop, she may talk and tell the whole story of Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion.