Nora Aunor is no Longer Affected with Intrigues

Superstar Nora Aunor is no longer affected with any negative issues.

She and her family have already developed a certain immunity to those intrigues.

In spite of Nora’s having lived in the US for eight years, the multi-awarded actress is still bombarded with controversies like unprofessionalism and of former actor John Rendez who is perpetually linked to her.

Nora’s son Ian de Leon explained that her mom feels indebted to John, for sticking with her through thick and thin especially during trying times in the States.

As of this time, the family is just focusing more on making up for lost time rather than discussing the negative issues about Nora.

Nora is now busy on her movie ‘El Presidente’ with ER Ejercito and TV mini-series ‘Sa Ngalan Ng Ina’ with Christopher de Leon and Ian de Leon.