Nora Aunor Is Willing to Do a Documentary Film of Her Life

The first soap of Nora Aunor at TV5 entitled ‘Sa Ngalan Ng Ina’ is going to push through.

There will be a story conference to be held on August 16, where Bembol Rocco and her ex-husband Christopher de Leon shall be there with her on the occasion.

Playing opposite with her as villains, are Rosanna Roces and Nadine Samonte.

The soap is scheduled to replace ‘The Sisters’ that still to last for eight weeks more on the air.

Meanwhile, Nora Aunor has approved the idea of making a documentary film of her life.

It would start at the time when she was selling water at the train station in Bicol to earn a living.

It would be a great opportunity for her fans to know her better and what really went wrong.

How she wasted part of her life and until now she’s still struggling instead of supposedly a picture of financial stability after all those rewarding projects that she had before.

The upcoming documentary film of Nora Aunor will be directed by Tikoy Aguiluz.