Piolo Pascual Finally Grants First Interview After Break-up with KC Concepcion

Piolo Pascual finally talked about break-up with KC Concepcion, after staying silent for a while.

It was during an interview with StarStudio Magazine, he revealed some matters.

Pascual did not expect that a lot of people would express concern over what he was going through then.

He was not overwhelmed with the negativity of the situation but was given love and care from the people around him.

They had advised him to stop reading negative write-ups because it would not help him either and he stopped going to websites that could hurt him.

His son Inigo also granted an interview to speak about what happened and said there came a point when he shed tears because of the things that are being thrown at his dad.

Inigo said he badly wanted to tell those people who are spreading rumors about his father to stop telling lies.

Inigo said his father is a good man and people should get to know him first before bashing him.

Get a copy of the March issue of StarStudio Magazine for the full feature of the story.

Piolo and KC had broken-up because of Piolo’s gender preference, according to Concepcion. She’s not the one Piolo needs in his life.