No Chance For A Vilma-Nora Project This Year?

If the pairing of a Vilma-Nora movie or a teleserye this year is to be expected from them, it seems that such a proposition is dim.

The governor of Batangas, Vilma Santos has seemed quite a hectic schedule this year according to her camp, she is committed to do a movie with Kim Chiu for Star Cinema.

Besides, if she has to do a new project according to her, whether it’s a tv or a movie, she will have to ask the permission of her constituents first. As everyone knows, Vilma is not just an actress but she’s now a full time public servant of Batangas.

While in the case of Nora Aunor, she has her eyes only of doing showbiz projects this time after having been absent for 8 years. Maybe their tandem can be realized for next year, as what some sources suggest. Fans of both camps are excited to see them back together on the screen.