Grace Ibuna’s ‘Case’ is Delaying the Return of Iggy Arroyo’s Remains to the Philippines

Grace Ibuna’s case is delaying the return of Iggy Arroyo’s remains to the Philippines.

Lawyer of Alicia Morales said that Grace should withdraw the case she had filed in the United Kingdom.

The legal counsel for Alile said businesswoman Grace Ibuna’s petition that the lawmaker’s body be released to her was only delaying its burial and posing a serious health hazard for the funeral parlor in London and the people around. Iggy’s body is already 22 days in UK.

Grace should accept that it’s to his best interest that his remains be buried in peace, and then they can talk about the claims on his property later.

The management of the mortuary itself is hoping that the matter will be settled soon, or that Ibuna will withdraw her claim so the body would finally be released.