Manny Pacquiao Launches His New Game Show

In the initial opening of ‘Manny Many Prizes’ a new program of Manny Pacquiao last Saturday, a lot of criticism has been thrown to the boxing champion.

This is specifically the way he handles his hosting job.

Some can’t help not to compare his hosting style, to that of Willie Revillame, the host of ‘Wiltime Bigtime.’

Whatever criticisms that Pacquiao’s detractors are doing, the simple truth, is that ‘Manny Many Prizes’ rated high in tv ratings compared to ‘Willie Bigtime’ of Revillame.

In a recent presscon, Pacquiao said that he has never thought that his game show, is on the same time slot of that of Revillame.

His only intention is to have a program, because he wanted to help the poor.

What is important in the game show, is how the cash prizes are being handled to spare no fraud so that everybody has the chance to win a prize.