Kris Aquino has Waived her Rights for Paternal Support from James Yap

Kris Aquino says, she will not ask for any paternal support from the father of her child, James Yap.

Kris and James’ five-year marriage was annulled because of lack of authority of the solemnizing officer.

Yap may visit their son Bimby anytime he wants to although Bimby is below 7 and the custody is with Kris.

Bimby will still carry the family name Yap. He signed the birth certificate so Bimby is a Yap.

However, Kris will eventually adopt Bimby because he is an illegitimate child based on the grounds of their marriage.

This is to protect her children of their legal rights when it comes to questions of inheritance later on.

She and Yap had already a separation of their properties last year, even before their annulment. And they got what was fair.