Kate’s Travel Wardrobe is the Much Awaited Event

As the young royal couple took their first state trip to Canada and US, it was followed with much expectation.

It wasn’t Prince William’s match at the charity polo game Saturday or their visit to Los Angeles’ Skid Row on Sunday.

But it was the unveiling of the Duchess of Cambridge’s travel wardrobe,
was the most anticipated event of the season.

Fashion observers were waiting for new looks from a duchess whose picks could clear stockrooms within hours of an appearance.

It’s also like their first ladies, they’re always going to think of them as role models.

People look to it as some kind of example, either by the way they dress or the way they speak.

To many, Kate Middleton’s fashion choices in California, hit just the right notes, even though she didn’t pack any surprises.

And Kate is known for repeats. She’s repeating her wardrobe, to make sure people understand she’s not overspending in this very difficult economic moment.