Azkals’ Jerry Barbaso Admits He Has Crush on Melai Cantiveros

Another Azkals’ player is enamored by another showbiz personality when Jerry Barbaso admitted his crush on comedienne Melai Cantiveros.

Melai is thankful to Azkals’ football player Barbaso.

She thought that their being both Bisayan speaking, is a factor in the Azkals defender’s admiration for her, Jerry is from Dipolog City while Melai comes from General Santos City.

Melai’s real life boyfriend Jason Francisco is not affected by Jerry’s public admission that he admires his girlfriend.

Jason even proud to learn that somebody appreciates Melai.

Melai wishes to meet Jerry soon to know him better, but with the go signal of her boyfriend.

The TV Patrol episode also showed Melai and Jason, dishing out wisecracks, during the presscon of their first movie together, ‘The Adventures of Pureza, Queen of the Riles.

When asked to greet the press, Melai said, “Thank you din very much mga presscon,” eliciting guffaws from the entertainment media.

Seated beside his girlfriend, Jason also delivered a rib-tickling punchline when he said, “Ayoko naman talaga ng babaeng sobrang maganda. Tama lang.”