Judy Ann Santos Has Upcoming TV and Movie Projects

Actress Judy Ann Santos, will host an upcoming ‘Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition,’ and she will be back to doing soap operas by the middle of next year.

Santos admitted that making a teleserye needs a heavy workload. Presently, she wants to focus on her new reality TV show.

Santos, an exclusive ABS-CBN talent, has done various popular TV series, like ‘Mara Clara,’ ‘Esperanza,’ ‘Krystala,’ ‘Ysabella’ and ‘George and Cecil.’

As for the movies, Santos’ movie project this year, is an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. She will join husband Ryan Agoncillo and comedienne Eugene Domingo in the said project.

Next year, she will also do a movie with Coco Martin.

On the other hand, Santos praised Kathryn Bernardo for her acting skill in playing ‘Mara,’ (a role originally portrayed by Santos), in the remake of the teleserye ‘Mara Clara.’