Cherie Gil – To Play As ‘Kontrabida’ In Magic Palayok

The popular veteran ,Cherie Gil will play as kontrabida (bad guy) in her next project, Magic Palayok.

Cherie Gil’s has just finished her last project which is Grazilda.

The other casts of Magic Palayok are Carla Abellana and Geoff Eigenmann where they play the lead roles. The child star, Angelie Nicole
Sanoy is also with Magic Palayok cast. The Magic Palayok is catered for children and it is like Walt Disney. It will replace Bantatay.

Cherie Eigenmann is the real name of Cherie Gil. She is the daughter of Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil. Cherie is also the sister of Mark Gil and Michael de Mesa. She is formerly married to Roni Rogoff, an internationally known violinist, in which she has two children.

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