Carmina Villaroel Patches Things Up with ex-Husband BB Gandanghari

Carmina Villaroel and her ex-husband Rustom Padilla are now in good terms.

Villaroel and Padilla, now known as BB Gandanghari were able to clarify a lot of things and patch things up.

The actress said that she and Padilla had a chance to talk before he joined the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Celebrity Edition in 2006.

When she was asked to comment about Padilla‚Äôs decision to come out of the closet, Villaroel replied that if he’s happy of what he is doing, he can go for the gold.

Meanwhile, Villaroel said that she is returning to ABS-CBN to do a special television show.

Villaroel was part of Kapamilya network’s show, ‘Morning Girls’ where she worked with singers Pops Fernandez and Zsa Zsa Padilla.