Robin & Bea’s ‘Guns and Roses’ is a Story of Love and Revenge

Action star Robin Padilla and actress Bea Alonzo’s ‘Guns and Roses’ is a story of love and revenge.

Robin portrays the role of Abel, who witnessed the death of his father when he was a ten-year old boy.

He grows up, wanting to take revenge to the killers.

Bea portrays the character of Reign, a lady who was about to be married when her groom (played by Jake Cuenca), was killed on the day of their wedding.

These two lonely individuals meet in an awkward situation.

Robin’s last movie project was ‘Tum: My Pledge of Love’ with wife Mariel Rodriquez while Bea was the leading lady of Vic Sotto’s movie, ‘Pak Pak My Dr. Kwak’.