An Officer Rank for Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao in AFP?

An Army Chief Lieutenant General of the Armed Forces of the Philippines is considering a promotion for boxing champion Manny Pacquiao in the AFP.

He wants to recommend Manny to the officer rank of lieutenant colonel if Pacquiao may pass the qualifications.

Pacquiao is currently holding a rank of senior master sergeant as a reservist.

To qualify for the ‘recommended’ rank in the military, one should have a bachelor’s degree.

Pacquiao is currently taking up Business Management Course in a school in Dadiangas.

Some people are just asking, does Pacquiao really need a medallion and the rank of an officer without doing the job, just because he is a boxing champion?

What about those soldiers who may lose their lives in the battle fields, wearing ‘torn’ combat shoes because of government’s so-called lack of budget?