Manny Pacquiao Buys P25-Million Yacht as Surprise Christmas Gift for Jinkee & his Family

Manny Pacquiao’s family couldn’t be more joyful over the P25-million yacht that he bought for them, as a surprise gift for Christmas.

In an interview with ‘Umagang Kay Ganda,’ Jinkee Pacquiao considers the yacht as a necessity for their family while Pacquiao shares that it’s a gift for his wife and kids after his triumphant bout against Juan Manuel Marquez last November.

The said yacht is the Italian fully furnished which they named ‘Sarangani’s Pride.’ It was blessed by a priest last Dec. 21.

It’s a luxury boat with four rooms, two suites and two guest rooms: each with their own bathrooms.

It’s also equipped with modern facilities such as a satellite. And the yacht includes three jet-skisjet, worth P1 million each.

The yacht needs one and one half days to travel from Sarangani to Manila and it’s considered as the ‘Ferrari’ of yachts.

Manny’s extravagant present was a hot topic online. They commented that the yacht is too expensive, he should have used the money for the aid of Typhoon Sendong victims.
Other people commented that Pacquiao bought 25M yatch but donated only 500K to ‘Sendong’ victim.

Well, whatever Manny buys, he’s not using people’s money, so it’s none of our business.

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  1. I don’t understand the mentality of Filipinos, it’s his money, he donated lots of things to the Philippines and to the Filipino people, including a hospital and school, free clinic for the poor, Filipinos think that they are entitled for Manny’s millions, which he work hard. Filipinos should demand from the politicians who are corrupt, like the arroyo family instead glamorizing those politian who stole from the poor people of the Philippine. Something is wrong about the Filipino mentality. We bring those Filipinos who work hard down, w blame them for our short coming, and whatever we can blame, and yet glamorize and idolize those people, especially the politicians’ and the corrupt people who stole from the poor. We Filipinos should change this mentality; Filipinos are destroying other Filipinos who do better in life because we are envious of them. Wake-up Filipinos, we can’t take away the glory and their riches because we are so envious. Why not try the other rich corrupt people like the Politian’s, and bring them down … bring down the people who are corrupt… not the hard working people. I’m ashamed sometimes being a Filipino because Filipinos destroy other good people just because they are envious.

  2. langya naman pati pagbili nya ng Yate ni Pacman pinapakiaalaman pa, eh pera naman nya yun,kung napakamahal ng Yate anung pakialam natin dun,kung nagsusugal sya o bumili ng Ferrari, sa totoo lang wala na tayo pakialam sa mga pinagkakagastusan ni manny kasi pera naman nya yun, bakit gusto kasi ng mga Filipino kada yata panalo ni Pacman para bang responsibilidad na bigyan ng balato yun mga Filipino, at sa pagtulong naman di naman sya nahuhuli tulad sa bagyong Sendong kusa naman ginagawa ni Manny yun, kaya sa mga Pilipinong pakiaalamero sa pinagkakagastusan ni manny”inggit na lang yan” ang pakialaman nyo yung kaban ng bayan na ginagastus ng mga Pulitiko at sarili wag yung mga taong kumakayod at pinaghihirapan naman yung pinagkakagastusan nila,dahil pera naman nila yun.

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