Mickey Ablan Explains his Side about Ex-girlfriend’s Quarrel

Although, Mickey Ablan got violent when he visited the house of his ex-girlfriend Iwa Moto , he confirmed that he went there to see her out of love and he missed her.

Mickey explained his side on his controversial quarrel with Iwa because he felt it’s already taking a toll on their career.

Ablan barged in on Iwa on Sunday allegedly venting his emotions on her

He denied the allegation that he threatened to reveal their supposed marriage certificate if Iwa didn’t show up that day.

He said that it is not true because there is no certificate to show, contrary to rumors that they’ve already married.

He added that he loves Iwa so much, he could only wish the best for her.

He also took the blame for his doing with his ex-sweetheart, that happened in GMA-7 parking lot incident, and later, Iwa’s hospitalization and rumors that the actress tried to commit suicide.

He apologized to those who got affected and dragged into the whole ruckus.

One of them was Iwa’s housemate, Justine Ferrer, who filed a police blotter against him for storming Iwa’s house.

In spite of everything that has happened, Mickey said he’s still trying his best to win Iwa back.