US President Obama & First Lady Visit Buckingham Palace

The US President, Barack Obama and his First Lady Michelle set down in London on Monday and the following day, they met with Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Some days after arriving home from their ten-day honeymoon in the Seychelles, Prince William and Kate, happily greeted Barack and Michelle in Buckingham Palace.

Britain’s royal couple in golden tans, resulting from their luxurious private-island honeymoon on the east coast of Africa, where they went scuba diving, hung out on the beach and enjoyed a private butler.

Talking with the First Lady, Duchess Kate particularly glowed in a tan, in a form-fitting dress, designed by Reiss Shola that costs $340.

The Obamas arrived at the Palace late Monday and were greeted by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, who gave them a nonpublic tour of the premises.

The President and First Lady were given a 41-gun salute by Scots Guards in red jackets, who also played the US National Anthem.

A longer 61-gun salute was also heard throughout the city.

America’s first couple will reside for two nights in a room suite which was last used by William and Kate after their wedding.