Pascual Keeps Mum on Rumors that He will Transfer to TV5 Very Soon

After his controversial break-up with KC Concepcion, Piolo Pascual focuses on civic work.

Pascual seems to be moving on from the ‘tell-all’ interview of KC Concepcion on ‘The Buzz’.

He keeps himself busy with activities that include an online photo auction for the benefit of the scholars of Hebreo 12:11 Foundation.

Besides from being a hunk actor, Pascual is a budding photographer. The auction, launched Dec. 10, features 12 photographs that he himself took during his travels.

The set of photos, as with paintings created by Hebreo scholar-artist Omar Flores are available for bidding online.

Pascual shares that he plans to celebrate a quiet Christmas in the country with his family.

They are spending it here in the country with some of his nieces and nephews, who just arrived from the States, and his sister is arriving next week. Even her mom has been here since last month.

They have a traditional Christmas dinner.

As for his Christmas wish, Pascual hopes for the country to have less calamitous bouts with nature.

Pascual kept mum on rumors that he will transfer to TV5 very soon.

An article on Journal Online hinted that Pascual might be considering the idea of transferring to TV5, as he wasn’t happy with how ABS-CBN handled his breakup with Concepcion.

But Concepcion’s mother, Sharon Cuneta, who recently joined TV5 herself won’t allow Pascual to have it easy in the Pangilinan-owned network?