Joshua says Barbie not a ‘Prima Donna’

Joshua Dionisio has come to the rescue of his love team-partner Barbie Forteza, just like a knight in shining armor.

Barbie has been accused of being a ‘prima donna’ on the set of their television series, ‘Nita Negrita.’

Joshua says, Barbie is a very patient actress.

Just imagine, what she endures when her whole body is painted black every taping day and she never complains.

When he thinks about it, it makes him feel for her already.

He doesn’t believe that Barbie would risk her wholesome image just so she can be ‘pasaway.’

Barbie said it was a simple case of misunderstanding.

Sometimes people just want to create intrigue and fans, sometimes don’t understand that Barbie also get tired but she tries harder to smile at them or acknowledge them, explains Barbie.

When it comes to pictures, there are lot of Barbie’s photos as Nita in Facebook with fans, she stressed.

The afternoon teleserye is currently on its last weeks of airing.

The cast of Negrita include, Lotlot de Leon, Zoren Legaspi, Nova Villa, etc.
There’s an upcoming project for the two tween stars, ‘Tweens The Movie.’