Mommy D’s Reaction Pushes her to Another ‘Debate’

ProGay advises Manny Pacquiao’s mother to have a better view of transgenders and gays.

It was just Mommy D’s reaction, in defense of her son, Manny Pacquiao, but pushed Dionisia Pacquiao further into the heated debate on the Reproductive Health Bill.

The ProGay wants Mommy D to know that they are deeply offended and scared that her words can again revive the disease model of homosexuality and transexuality in Philippine society,” Goya Candelario, Progressive Organization of Gays in the Philippines’ spokesperson, said.

Last week, the Pacmom was shown enraged with Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, who commented Manny’s stand on Reproductive Health.

Senator Santiago also wants to remove the error from Manny’s frequently ‘misquoted’ biblical quote, “Go to the world and multiply,” It sounds as if God is telling us to go out and copulate in public. The quote in the Bible says, Go forth and multiply, Senator Miriam explained.