Scotty McCreery Takes The Stage First on ‘Idol’

American Idol finalist, Scotty McCreery will take the stage first during the finale on May 25, 6pm GMA Channel 11.

American Idol has been pretty tight lipped on what songs the final two will perform on the finale but one thing for sure, Scotty McCreery will take the stage first on what is bound to be a battle of the country singers.

American Idol’s finale performances will start up with Scotty McCreery taking the stage first and Lauren Alaina going in second.

The show did a coin toss, giving the winner their choice and in this case Scotty won the toss after last week’s results.

But in his true country gentleman style, instead of choosing Scotty gave Lauren the choice and she chose to sing second, he’s really a polite young man.

Scotty, didn’t even know what to think when he was announced as one of the finalists, but he said, Lauren has been his pick for the finale all along.

People cannot wait to see this duel between the two super talented young stars.

Whoever wins this finale, these two will both have long careers in the music industry.