Marian Rivera Understands Justine Bieber

The snubbing incident between Justin Bieber and an airport employee at the NAIA lately, reminds Marian Rivera of a familiar situation.

Always reported and pictured as a villain in similar personal encounters with fans in the past, she says she can only sympathize with the pop star.

She explains that people should understand that celebrities also get sick, Justine was not feeling well at that time.

Many times in the past, Marian (not a Bieber’s fan) experiences the same stories.

It is only now that Marian is learning her lessons and has improved her dealings with people.

Marian has been doing a series of media interviews, in relation to her promotional runs and to drum up people’s interest in her new teleserye, “Amaya,” which starts on May 30.

The television series is described as an epic-serye, and it is the network’s most expensive production in years.