Marian’s “Batukan” with Manny, a Sign of Endearment?

Dingdong Dantes thinks that girlfriend Marian Rivera’s offensive gesture towards Manny Pacquiao, which was seen on TV was nothing but a sign of endearment.

Dingdong admitted that he did not see it personally, but defended the actress and said, Marian is always playing jokes to people who have a level of closeness and are close to her.

Since Marian is his current real-life sweetheart and onscreen partner, Dantes said that he wouldn’t find it offensive at all if the actress would do that to him.

The alleged “pambabatok” happened in ‘Party Pilipinas’.

Rivera, like Dantes, is a mainstay of the said show.

Pacquiao, appeared as guest after returning to the country from his successful bout against Shane Mosley.

The video, “Marian Rivera Binatukan si Manny Pacquiao” is showing a smiling Marian Rivera and she is seen walking behind Manny Pacquiao, carrying a garland.

She covered Pacquiao’s eyes with her hands, with hosts Janno Gibbs and Ogie Alcasid telling Pacquiao to guess who the person was.

“Sino ‘to?… Si Gladys ba ‘to?” Manny asked and Marian then playfully slapped the back of Pacquiao’s head upon releasing him.

Rivera then drew close to laughing Pacquiao and hanged the garland around his neck.

The two hugged, Pacquiao said, he did not recognized her.

The actress pretended to walk out but Pacquiao dragged her back. Rivera was still onstage, clapping and smiling, when Pacquiao thanked his supporters.