Jennylyn Finally Opens-up Controversial Break-up with Dennis

A petty quarrel that led to a awful fight eventually ruined a year-long love affair of Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado.

Jennylyn herself finally spoke-up about the controversial break up—which she thinks as the most painful she went through so far.

She remembered in detail how she and Dennis allegedly reached the limit of hurting each other, physically and emotionally.

It started, when she rested on the actor’s couch after they played video games in Dennis’ condo unit.

Jennylyn woke up becoming wet in sweat because Dennis had wrapped a blanket around her.

Irritated, Jennylyn told Dennis, saying he should have checked on her.

Although, Dennis apologized, Jennylyn, still feeling sleepy at the time and did not acknowledge him and went to bed.

Things began to heat up after Jennylyn exchanged a text message with her best friend, Nice.

She also received a call from her ex-boyfriend Patrick Garcia.

Jennylyn related that Dennis did not want her to text anybody when they are together.

The big fight blew up with Dennis hurling the first invective at her and with her cursing back.

This made Dennis angry, as he gave more denigrating remarks at her.

She retaliated by giving a sharp blow to him several times, until Dennis told her to leave his unit.
In spite of Jennylyn’s revelations, Dennis remains silent.

Dennis said, he chooses not to speak because there is nothing to speak about.

The truth is, his relationship with Jen just did not work out, he added.