Lotlot de Leon Feels Hurt About Mom’s Negative Issues

Lotlot de Leon is hurt about all the negative issues that still chase her mother, Nora Aunor, despite the latter already living in the States.

They have nothing to write about her mother but negative write-ups, De Leon was quoted by the media during the “Nita Negrita” press conference.

She refers to some showbiz writers and columnists who have written negative stories about her currently US-based mother.

The rumors include those implying that Aunor often gambles in casinos in the US and Canada and that she is allegedly working as a caregiver in the US.

Those issues were already cleared by the Superstar herself via phone interview in“Walang Siesta,” by German Moreno.

Considering that her mother is a respected figure in the local entertainment industry, de Leon finds it “disappointing” that people seem to have already forgotten her mother’s achievements and contributions to the industry and are instead focusing on the Superstar’s alleged imperfections.

After months of speculation, it still remains unclear when Aunor will be making her showbiz comeback. Even the veteran actress remains silent on the matter.

De Leon herself is not sure about her mother’s return, but has given assurance that her mother will surely inform their family should she finally decide to be home.