Bianca Manalo, the 3rd Party in John-Rachelle Break-up?

Bianca Manalo’s close association with her co-host John Prats has triggered the rumors that the latter has broken-up with Rachelle Ann Go.

Bianca admits that she admires John but that is all there is to it.

She admires John Prats because he dances well and he is handsome and talented.

She also revealed that John drops by her “Happy, Yipee, Yehey” dressing room but only to say hi but they’re not close.

She was so surprised at the rumors that she caused the separation of John and Rachelle Ann Go.

Bianca assures the singer that nothing is going on between her and John.

Actually, it was Mariel Rodriguez’s tweet pic that sparked the rumors about Bianca’s close association with John.

Mariel posted John and Bianca’s photo while they were inside her dressing room.

Rachelle found out about John and Bianca’s photo through e-mail.

But she’s not affected by it because she trusts her boyfriend

John also notes that his relationship with Rachelle is smooth sailing.