Sid & Coco Defend Andi in the Issue of Her Ex-boyfriend

After her mother Jaclyn Jose defended Andi in the issue about and her ex-boyfriend Albie Casino, Andi’s half brother Sid Lucero and co-star Coco Martin also expressed their support to the young actress.

If it’s not true, just ignore it, Coco said.

The Andi-Albie quarrel started when young actress Saab Magalona posted on her twitter, that she is thinking about a young actor who slapped her friend (his ex gf), it makes her so angry.

Saab hopes his career goes nowhere.

When a fan asked Albie, if he hit Andi, the young actor answered it with so much bull—t. He allegedly never did it, but perhaps one of her many boys did. Andi’s a cheater, she has maybe 10 guys. If he really hit her, she would get many bruises.

Coco believes Andi is not capable of cheating and she can not do it. She works hard and Coco knows her.” Coco explains.

Sid Lucero says, it is a shock and at the same time, he does not know what to do and say.

Refusing to comment on the issue as he does not know what really happened between Albie and his sister, Sid explained, he can’t react right away, he’s very sensitive when it comes to the ladies in their family.

But this is not to say that his family is taking the issue lightly.

As a matter of fact, his father talked to him about it and they’ll meet and find out what’s happening.

Sid said it all depends on his half sister.