Pres. Noy Faces off with Manny over Responsible Parenthood

Pres. Aquino and Rep. Manny Pacquiao faced off Friday over RH bill during Manny’s courtesy call in Malacanang.

Pres. Noy met Pacquiao in the Palace, talking not just about boxing but their contrasting stance on responsible parenthood.

The hour-long discussion with Pacquiao, ended in an agreement that both of them, opposed to abortion.

The President first congratulated Pacquiao on his victory against Mosley and later explained his five-point position on RH to the congressman.

After hearing the President, Pacquiao voiced his concerns against the RH measure, including the parents’ prerogative to prevent their children to attend classes of sex education.

Asked about Pacquiao’s reaction to the President’s proclamation on RH measure, Sarangani lawmaker understood the President’s position on reproductive health.

Pres. Noy gave Pacquiao his coffee table book “The Inaugural: The Inside Story of the Aquino Presidency” and a decorative box as a token to his victory and visit to the Palace.