Annabelle Asks Richard not to be Close to Lovi Poe?

The Captain Barbell star, Richard Guttierrez returned home after his US vacation.

Richard also watched the Pacquiao and Mosley fight with his parents, Anabelle and Eddie Gutierrez in Las Vegas.

He resumed taping Captain Barbell with Lovi Poe.

Richard’s mother is allegedly worried with his closeness to Lovi Poe and has cautioned him not to get together with Poe.

Richard explains that there’s no truth to that matter.

Besides he knows that the boyfriend of Lovi Poe is the son of Gov. Chavit Singson, who is a friend of their family.

Richard and Lovi have a good working relationship.
In his role as Captain Barbell, he learns now to love the character of Lovi.