Lea Thinks Manny’s Proclamation on RH Bill Brings a Little Comedy

Manny made it firm, that he is anti-RH when he joined forces with the Bishops’ group.

Paquiao says contraceptives are widely available , there is no need to file a law to make people know that there’s contraceptive.

The issue of Jinkee, taking pills and Pacquiao’s position that he’s against the RH bill, brings a little comedy to the Broadway actress-singer, Lea Salonga.

Lea says, one might wish to get the story straight, before coming out in public with a unified stance.

Lea thinks it is kind of amusing.

But says, she has a high regard for Manny’s belief and in turn, she hopes Manny should also show consideration in her belief.

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  1. gusto ko lang pong sabihin na tama po si manny at tama din po si lea. and I admire both of them on what they believe. narinig ko po ang panig ng bawat isa sa kanila at meron naman pong punto because deep within their hearts they want to help people. sana lang po magkaron ng unity. lea will do her part on helping women at her best. and manny will also do his part together with the church encouraging people and giving them hope to be at their best with a clear conscience. hindi po RH bill ang sagot sa kahirapan ng Pilipinas at mga mamamayan nito, kundi ang pagkakaisa po at malasakit sa kapwa na nakita kong pinamamalas ni lea at manny sa kanilang mga nakakasalamuha. sana po gayahin natin silang dalawa na magkaroon din tayo ng malasakit sa kapwa pinoy. more power po!

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