Iwa Moto Deserves to be Disciplined By GMA 7

Those drama happenings with Iwa Moto and her boyfriend caused commotion inside the GMA7 studio.

The trouble started with the grabbing of cellphone by her boyfriend.

They did a long chase and went outside the compound of GMA.

Iwa stumbled flat on the ground and injured her knees, while her boyfriend was nowhere to be found.

Out of desperation, she turned to her boyfriend’s car windshield and broke it off.

It had caused an inflicted wound on her hand.

Iwa then, was brought to a nearby hospital by a GMA news reporter for treatment.

She was back in the set, where she was supposed to do the taping, but with the inflicted wound, Iwa was not able to do her work.

Not only her work was affected but also of her co-stars who supposedly do some taping with her.

It is just reasonable that GMA 7 would give her some disciplinary actions, because of the trouble that involved Iwa and her boyfriend.