Sen. Miriam Ignores to Face-off Pacquiao’s Mother

The mother of Pacquiao, Mommy Dionisia got angry when her son’s detractor Senator Santiago, hit the boxer over his stand to the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill.

Mommy Dionisia’s comments came after Santiago made remarks about Rep. Manny’s disapproval to the said RH Bill.

Santiago said Pacquiao made a mistake in translating the Bible.

Santiago’s declaration drew anger to Pacquiao’s mother.

After hearing what Dionisia has to say, Sen. Miriam Santiago ignores to face-off Pacquiao’s mother and says, she’s speechless. That’s a stupid topic, she adds.

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  1. i’m a great fan of manny, but i think there was something wrong with her mother. i salute sen. santiago when she ignored mommy d’s katarayan. show some class, please!

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