Comedian Nova Villa Becomes a Dramatic Actress in ‘Nita Negrita’

Although it is unusual for Nova Villa whose forte is comedy to become instanly a dramatic actress,she now takes pride that she learns how to cry in front of the camera in ‘Nita Negrita.’

Since she joins showbiz, 47 years ago, she has never been in heavy dramatic role, as what she does in Nita Negrita.

At first, she does not believe that she can do it because in real life she is someone that does not cry easily.

She has informed her director in advance, that she is not that type who can easily cry in the set.

But her director gives her some tips that she has to feel what is happening and to always feel the role she’s portraying.

It was just a simple tip that the director wants her to do, but she is surprised later that when she delivers her lines in a dialogue, she just noticed that her tears shed on and roll over her cheeks.

That was the time when she realized that what was once an impossible task for her, is now an easy undertaking.