A Song Fits For Mo Twister’s Love Story

Mo Twister has been overtaken by nostalgic events.

This time, he is always yearning for Rhian on Twitter and reminiscing those moments with her.

The well guarded secret of their relationship has been spoiled, without any valid reason, except for a song appropriately dedicated to him for the unfortunate event of his love-life.

Louie Ocampo, the premiere composer, who penned ‘I Miss You’, is the song that fits Mo’s love escapade to Rhian, where he dubs it as his ‘great love story’.

The song is about a girl who leaves the boy, for what reason, it’s not specified.

But the irony is that, it is the opposite because it’s Mo who leaves Rhian.

He has tried to move on and realized later that he is wrong, now he vented his yearning for Rhian on Twitter, and urged her to be back beside him.

Here’s the lyrics of the song: “Baby I miss you / I really miss you / I’m so sorry things didn’t turn out as planned / And now I need you / Need you to be here right beside me / To hold me and guide me with your love / I miss you.”