Teri Aunor is Hunted Down by an Agent

Comedian Teri Aunor or Dexter Dominguez in real life, is an alter ego of Nora Aunor.

He is known to be a good impersonator of Nora Aunor on his television shows.

When he was elected as public official in Bataan, he left his showbiz career and concentrated more on his new found love and political career.

Now, an alleged dealer of a high-end brand watch, is hunting down Teri Aunor.

He issued bouncing checks for five watches, worth P182,000 to the agent.

Teri doesn’t answer the agent’s calls and he doesn’t settle matters.

The agent will file estafa charges against Teri.

He should be a good example to his constituents in Bataan, ‘Palabra de aunor’, the agent lamented.