Air Supply Entertains Pinoy Fans Through Their Nostalgic Songs

The Air Supply concert at the Aliw Theater was full of nostalgic memories, where most of the songs they performed were hits 25 to 30 years back.

They performed the songs: “Just As I Am,” “Just a Little Bit More,” “Even the Nights are Better,” “Every Woman in the World,” “Lost in Love,” “The One That You Love,” “All Out of Love,” “Making Love (Out of Nothing At All),” “Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)” and “Goodbye.”

It was an intimate interaction that happened between the Filipino audience and the famed duo, Air Supply (Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock) in their performance night at the Aliw Theater.

Such enjoyment and fun were manifested by the crowd, as they heartily sang along with the Air Supply hit songs.

It was a clear proof that the duo’s popularity with Filipino music lovers had not waned.

Russell Hitchcock, is the lead vocalist of the duo and Graham Russell is the guitarist and songwriter and sometimes does his share of singing.