Frank Magalona/ Kylie Padilla in Blusang Itim Starts Today after Eat Bulaga

Kylie Padilla takes his biggest television role in ‘Blusang Itim’.

Kylie is joined by Frank Magalona who is also a lead star in the said television series.

Magalona says, everything happened too soon.
There are so many actors who want to get the lead role, so he feels blessed and happy that he gets that part.

Blusang Itim is a fantasy-drama, that tells about an ugly woman who is given a magical blouse (blusang itim) who can make her beautiful, every time she wears it.

Jessa uses the magical power of the blouse to win over Angelo, a man of her dreams while Melchor, her childhood friend has an undying love for her despite her ugly appearance.

GMA’s television series’ Blusang Itim will start today, May 16, after Eat Bulaga.