Rich’s Auntie-Nun Gives Positive Opinion to her Sexy Mag Pictorial

The Bb. Pilipinas first runner-up and StarStruct finalist, Rich Asuncion is gracing the cover of FHM’s May issue.

Being in the cover, Rich knows it can enhance her image as a ‘contravida’, the kind of acting she wishes to specialize in.

Her auntie-nun, the sister of her father, came upon the copy of the sexy magazine FHM.

But luckily, the good ‘madre’ aunt gave a positive opinion, that the pictorial had been done artistically. It is just like, Rich is wearing a bikini in a beauty contest.

Rich has a breakthrough role in ‘Sisid’, playing a sexy contravida.

The Sisid stars includes Jacky Rice in a role of a pearl diver who is always clad in shorts, Dominic Rocco and many others.