Pippa is Allegedly Offered $5M to Star in “One Explicit Scene”

As Kate Middleton is enjoying her honeymoon with husband Prince William in one of the Seychelles’ islands, back home her sister Pippa has glittered with media storm, all of her own.

At the royal wedding, it was Pippa who became the star for billion viewers all over the world, looking beautiful as the maid of honor, in a figure-hugging dress.

The twitter has busted out and many Facebook users have joined a ‘society’ of Pippa Middleton.

A mock-up video using a portion of the film from the wedding, showing close-ups of Pippa’s behind has been viewed several times on You Tube.

A US porn magnate allegedly offered $5 million to Pippa, to star in ‘one explicit scene’.

The palace refused to comment on the Pippa issue, saying, it is not something they would get involved in, because Pippa is a private individual.