Gloria Arroyo’s Lawyer Raul Lambino Can Be Disbarred

The doctors of Rep. Gloria Arroyo submitted to the court the medical abstract, stating that the condition of Mrs. Arroyo was improving, not deteriorating, as had been stated by Laywer Raul Lambino before the media.

Lambino, the spokesman for legal matters of Arroyo could be disbarred if he was found to have lied about the real health condition of the former president and if he reversed the actual medical findings on Arroyo’s state of health.

The statement was made by lawyer Jose Cabrera, the executive director of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines. There are stages of punishment and they range from warning, reprimand, suspension and, the worst, disbarment.

In a radio interview, Lambino revealed that his statement on the condition of Mrs. Arroyo was just his personal opinion based on what the doctors have said and what he heard.