Alessandra de Rosi Flies to France for Cannes Filmfest

Actress Alessandra de Rosi flies to France where her movie, ‘Busong’ (Palawan Fate) is an entry in the Directors Fornight.

Alessandra was excited, she told the people during the press conference, on the day before she left.

She has attended other international festivals before, but ‘Busong’ is the biggest.

Busong was filmed in Palawan.

It has three segments: the forest, sea, and mountain.

Alex plays the character of Punay and she represents Palawan.

She has minimal dialogues in the film and she uses the Palawanon dialect.

Her co-stars are natives of Palawan except for Hollywood actor, Clifford Banagale, who starred in Sacha Cohen’s ‘Bruno’.

Clifford portrays a balikbayan who goes to Palawan to trace his ‘roots’ in which in the end he meets Punay.