Kate and Pippa Have Healthy Competition

Kate Middleton and her suddenly-popular younger sister, Pippa are best friends.

As sisters, they have a healthy competition.

Speaking of their looks, there’s a little friendly rivalry like who is the slimmest and the better-looking.

Pippa often engages in disagreeable argument over weird things and they fight over little things like who has the worst headache or monthly period pain.

When they were young, Pippa was the sister who sparkled.
Pippa is extrovert, unlike Kate.

When Kate was in Marlborough College, nobody noticed her.
When Kate was studying in St. Andrews in Scotland, (where she met Prince William) Pippa, an Edinburgh student, always visited her sister Kate and mingled sister’s noble new friends.

Pippa dated a couple of St. Andrews lads and got in with Prince William”s friends.
She is not sleeping around with men but Pippa allegedly flirted with the most well-connected men.