Rachelle Ann Go is Surprised, the News Says She & John Prats Already Broke-up

The news that reached Rachelle Ann Go, she & John Prats broke up, surprises her, when their relationship has started yet to take-off.

Camille Prats, John sister could confirm that there’s no break-up happening.

Besides the couple is still in good terms and there’s no reason why they will break-up sooner.

On the other hand, the person who was allegedly the cause of their break-up, Jamilla Obispo, was also surprised.

It was rumored that Jamilla and John were seen together in Boracay during the holy week.

That might be the reason why all this news came out that Rachel and John broke-up.

Jamilla didn’t deny that she was in Boracay during the holy week, but not with John Prats but she was with her husband and children.