Iwa Motto Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Iwa Moto, the sexy actress is back from a long vacation in Japan and has denied rumors that she is pregnant.

Motto had not undergone any surgical procedures to enhance her appearance.

She went to Japan for a needed vacation and to finalize her citizenship papers.

Moto, whose real name is Aileen Iwamoto, is a half Japanese. Her father, Hiroaki Iwamoto, died of liver cancer in 2009.

As of now, the process is not yet approved but she is granted a long-term visa, so she can go there anytime. Moto rarely goes to work now.

Moto was embroiled in a very public fight with ex-boyfriend, Mickey Ablan before she went to Japan, some months back.

She said, that part of her life is already a closed book.
Ablan has now a girlfriend, Janna Dominguez.

Moto started her showbiz career in the reality show, ‘StarStruct’ where she was crowned First Pricess in 2005.