Mosley Has An Ugly Style of Boxing but Has a Pretty Girlfriend

A big majority of Shane Mosley’s fan were expecting to see at his ‘hot’ girlfriend, Bella Gonzales during his fight with Manny Pacquiao.

During the fight the camera would cut away to his girlfriend Bella.
She had a concerned look after seeing Mosley running from his opponent, grabbing, head butting and pushing Manny and the referee declared it as a ‘knockdown’.

The dress that Bella Gonzales wore during the fight was a knockout to the guys who saw her especially those who sat beside her.

But Bella kept her eyes only to Mosley, to see if Pacquiao could knocked him out.
People noticed that Mosley’s style of boxing with Manny was ugly but her girlfriend was ‘pretty’.

People could not help but notice her spectacular body and unbelievable beautiful legs.
She’s a Houston native and of Cuban-Mexican descent.
She’s working in a Modeling Agency.