Things to Know about Steve Jones of ‘X Factor’

Steve Jones is Welsh model turned TV presenter, is scheduled to co-host Simon Cowell’s ‘X Factor’.

Jones was a host in TV’s BBCOne, ‘Let’s Dance for Comic Relief’ and a presenter of the quizshow ‘As Seen On TV’.

He’s also a seasoned actor who had appeared in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging; and Plus One.

About Jones’ beauty routine, he does not want to stay in the bathroom for 2 hours but wants to enjoy himself with his friends .

He was once romantically linked with Hally Berry, Pamela Anderson and Hayden Panettiere. For Jones, ex is ex and ex means he’s not going to see that person again.

Jones says, he loves his job in X Factor because he’s a big X Factor fan.