Kuya Germs Has Newly Discovered Talents

There are two slots that had been left by Shalala in Kuya Germ’s program in the radio entitled, ‘DZBB 594 Walang Siesta’ and the TV show, ‘Walang Tulugan with The Master Showman.’

He filled in the two slots with his newly discovered talents where he gave them their screen names as Janna Chu Chu and Mega Ohlala.

They can now be heard in Kuya Germ’s radio program every 2:30 -3:30 pm in radio station DZBB.

They can also be watched on tv with Kuya Germs in ‘Balitang Badingding’ segment of ‘Walang Tulugan’, in which the reception of their performance seems positive.

According to Kuya Germs, he has seen good potentials for his newly discovered talents that is why he gives them a break.