Manny Pacquiao Enters the Ring with ‘Disconnected Look’

Last Saturday, the Manny Pacquiao that people saw in the ring was not the same Manny Pacquiao that they have seen in the past.

The Manny version entered the ring with a disconnected look on his face and he wore like a forced smile on his face, as if he was hiding something inside that was bothering him.

Pacman also looked like the same Manny inside of the ring either.

But there were reports that he suffered from leg cramps again and that he and conditioning coach Alex Ariza had a falling out of sorts because Manny once again suffered from those leg cramps.

Manny did not really look as impressive in this fight as he did in his previous fights.

In the past, Marquez got mopped up by Floyd.

Now, people predict that Floyd’s blood test demands from Manny will be retracted in the very near future.

Arum may also try to feed Pacquiao a fight vs Timothy Bradley.